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AutoSwot’s suite of online knowledge courses has been designed to support automotive professionals across the length and breadth of the industry.

A bundle of recommended courses is proposed for each industry type, or if preferred, the modular nature of AutoSwot proposition means that only courses that are directly relevant need be selected.

Select your business type below and begin accessing AutoSwot’s unique world of industry knowledge.


Independent Dealer

11,000 independent dealers in the UK are collectively responsible for retailing nearly 3 million used vehicles annually and are regarded as the ‘engine room’ of the automotive industry.


Franchised Dealer

The challenges & responsibilities of the UK’s 4,500 franchised dealers are increasing: consumer behaviour; legislation; inter-dealer competition; manufacturer requirements.


Vehicle Manufacturer

Vehicle manufacturers are pivotal to the health of the UK auto industry. Both new and used vehicle markets are dependent on a steady flow of new vehicles, distributed sensitively into the market.


Fleet, Leasing or Finance company

Traditionally the primary source of cars and commercial vehicles supplied for use on company business - whether financed, leased or purchased outright.


Remarketing Company

Vehicle Remarketing suffers from a lack of understanding as to its scale, the diverse nature of its operations and its importance in maintaining stability in both the new and used vehicle markets.


Aftersales Company

With massive change coming to the UK auto industry coming over the next 10 years, it’s often overlooked that Aftersales businesses face the greatest change and accompanying challenges.


Other Automotive-Related Business

The varied range of services and businesses that support the activities of the UK Auto sector is a reflection of the dynamism and enterprise for which the industry is renowned.

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