Promote Teamworking

One of the biggest operational challenges facing automotive businesses is ensuring that teams made up of different departments work efficiently together. Often because of time pressure and lack of understanding. Barriers are created and departmental ‘silos’ inadvertently emerge. This results in a breakdown in effective communication and teamwork.

But more effective cross-departmental teamworking is proven to:

  • Foster a spirit of creativity and learning
  • Optimise complementary skills
  • Build trust between team members
  • Develop conflict-resolution skills
  • Enhance shared ownership and collective responsibility
  • Encourage healthy, calculated risk tacking

AutoSwot promotes a greater thirst for knowledge

By providing a solid understanding of the workings of the whole Automotive sector, AutoSwot helps remove the ‘silo’ thinking and promotes a greater thirst for knowledge and teamworking. Courses can be selected to directly suit individual team members to ensure that they gain a greater understanding of the world inhabited by colleagues in other departments.

For example, in a franchised dealer, new car sales staff can get a better grasp on what happens in the used car sales department; in a manufacturer, operations staff can get a better handle on what the fleet department is all about; in a finance company, customer service staff can get a better handle on the day to day operations of their colleagues responsible for remarketing.

Select your own business area to see what specific courses we recommend in the first instance:


Independent Dealer


Franchised Dealer


Vehicle Manufacturer


Fleet, Leasing or Finance Company


Remarketing Company


Aftersales Company


Other Automotive Business

Improve your knowledge with AutoSwot

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