The AutoSwot Mission

AutoSwot is a new concept that challenges automotive businesses to focus e-learning towards:

‘Empowering Through Knowledge’.

The current challenge

AutoSwot’s aim is to ensure that people working or engaged in the UK automotive industry are provided with a comprehensive understanding of the sector or sectors in which they are involved.

Typically, by the end of a normal internal company induction programme, new starters are well-versed in the company in which they work and the role they are undertaking. But how much understanding do they have about how the wider automotive industry works, and how their company fits into it?


AutoSwot's unique solution

With a suite of courses covering the length and breadth of the UK automotive industry, AutoSwot uniquely provides individual team members with sufficient knowledge about the industry to:

  • Build personal credibility and, as a result, enhance the reputation of their company
  • Give them the confidence to enter into more business-generating conversations with clients
  • Improve job satisfaction and staff retention rates
  • Develop into assured, competent, knowledgeable future leaders.

The modular nature of the knowledge platform means that learning development plans can be created to suit individuals or particular automotive businesses. AutoSwot e-learning saves time and money over traditional face-to-face training methods and businesses immediately benefit from more confident, competent, knowledgeable team members.

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