Increase Staff Retention

The competition to attract quality people in any business is always fierce and so retaining quality team members is equally important. And yet unfortunately, the UK automotive industry suffers from an average annual employee attrition rate of over 30%, which is double the overall UK average of just 15%. Just imagine the hidden cost to businesses of this.

So why is this the case?

Ours is a complex industry and we know that team members, across all sectors, often struggle to understand how it operates outside their own immediate space and have little comprehension of the bigger picture. Yet, how much time do we spend helping our most important resource to get to grips with this complexity, to make them more knowledgeable and confident in the roles we ask them to perform?

Particularly for customer-facing team members, it’s vital that they possess a sound and broad understanding of what drives the UK automotive industry. This enables them to have better quality conversations with a cross-section of customers, suppliers and third parties, and do so in a way which generates credibility and ultimately more business.

Increased knowledge also provides them with a better understanding of their own role, as well as developing more confidence and insight into their future career development within an organisation. This way, they are more likely to stay in the business.

What’s more, it’s often the case that team members can be promoted on the basis of performance in an existing role, without ensuring that they possess the increased wider industry knowledge to be truly effective in the new role. Not surprisingly, this can have some quite damaging consequences.



Our team of highly experience automotive professionals at AutoSwot has developed a suite of 11 knowledge courses that are designed to deal with this staff retention issue head-on. And it’s not about testing and ‘catching people out’ who may lack some of the broader knowledge required.

Our aim is simply to ensure that whatever role a team member is in – new to the industry, enjoying steps up the ladder, right through to management roles – they all have access to a comprehensive range of knowledge courses, covering a broad range of topics across the industry, which will significantly assist them and make their jobs much more enjoyable.

Outcome … happy team members who know that the business is prepared to invest in their development!

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