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A constant challenge for those charged with recruiting and retaining good talent, is how to ensure that customer-facing team members and managers have enough knowledge about the UK automotive industry to support discussions with suppliers and customers of all types.

All too often, a basic understanding of some of the fundamentals can be missing:

  • What are the ‘big picture’ numbers that drive the UK’s automotive activity
  • How do consumers typically behave today, whether buying or selling vehicles?
  • How many new and used car dealers are there and how do they operate?
  • What are the current dynamics in UK car production?
  • What is remarketing and how does if fit into the overall market?
  • How and why do used car prices fluctuate throughout the year?
  • Where do dealers acquire their used car stock and where has this originated?
  • How do vehicles move from being ‘in use’ through the wholesale market and then on into retail?
  • How are all the UK’s vehicles supported by an efficient aftersales support network?
  • What’s the future outlook for the UK auto industry?

Huge knowledge gaps are not uncommon

But having coherent answers to some of these really basic questions is essential in building credibility and having quality conversations.


But it’s not just a benefit to your business

For new recruits and mangers too, a solid grounding in the knowledge of how the UK auto industry operates provides a sound basis for further learning, building confidence and rapport with prospects, customers and suppliers.

AutoSwot is a brand new concept specially designed to improve the overall understanding of the UK automotive industry for professionals working in all sectors. Each of the 11 courses is tailored to a particular aspect of the industry, in order to help raise the knowledge bar across the industry.

Only those courses that are relevant to your business need to be selected, ensuring that the knowledge sourced is directly relevant to your business. However, the more courses that are taken, the more comprehensive will be the understanding of the industry as a whole.

Select your own business area to see what specific courses we recommend in the first instance:


Independent Dealer


Franchised Dealer


Vehicle Manufacturer


Fleet, Lease or Finance Company


Remarketing Company


Aftersales Company


Other Automotive Business

Improve your knowledge with AutoSwot

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