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Knowledge-based learning, building confidence and credibility for automotive professionals.

AutoSwot is a knowledge-based online learning platform that covers the length and breadth of the UK automotive industry.

12 online courses

Relevant to all businesses involved in the UK automotive industry. Training takes the form of 12 online knowledge courses, each taking 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

The courses are designed to support all team members, from new starter inductions, to customer-facing on-going development, to senior manager ‘refreshers’.

Each of the 12 knowledge courses are regularly updated to ensure that they include the very latest automotive information and cover specific aspects of the UK automotive industry.


Video tutorials

Each course is made up of a series of engaging short animated videos, or ‘units’, followed by a set of related multiple-choice questions. On completion of the multiple-choice questions, staff members can view their results and the correct answers to all questions.

Once all units have been completed and the course is finished, staff members will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ and a one-page synopsis of what has been covered in each course: this is about learning and knowledge transfer, not ‘blind testing’. 

Performance reporting

Individual staff members progress and performance is available in real-time via the online knowledge platform to the Learning & Development lead in your business, to support ongoing development plans.

By selecting only those knowledge courses that are relevant to particular team members, programmes can either be developed for the needs of each specific team member or as a programme that is consistent across a range of team members.


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