Franchised Dealers

The challenges and responsibilities placed on the UK’s 4,500 franchised dealers continue to increase: from evolving consumer behaviour; to increased government legislation; to on-going inter-dealer competition; and even some changing requirements from their brand manufacturers.

And yet despite these potentially disruptive dynamics, the UK’s franchised dealer networks maintain an outstanding level of service and support to the customers of the 40+ brands they represent.


The following courses are an absolute ‘must’ for franchised dealers looking to get all staff to a comprehensive understanding of how the industry operates and importantly the dynamics and changes specifically affecting their sector:

A snappy, stat-fuelled overview of the scale, structure and key players in the UK automotive market

  • Scale and vehicle parc
  • New vehicle production, market share & annual registrations
  • Fuel, finance types and commercial vehicles
  • Used vehicles - scale and network
  • Aftersales and scrappage

An understanding of the journey through which new vehicles pass, from manufacturers to dealers to corporate entities and consumers.

  • Scale of UK new vehicle production
  • National sales companies – what are they / what do they do
  • Franchised dealer networks – scale, key players, operations and challenges
  • Wholly owned retail networks
  • ‘Direct to market’ channels

A seasonal tour through a typical year highlighting trends & dynamics influencing consumer and trade behaviour, and the impacts on both wholesale and retail markets.

  • Jan to Feb
  • March to April
  • May to June
  • July to August
  • Sept to Oct
  • Nov to Dec

The digital revolution’s impact on the way consumers buy and sell vehicles, and how this revolution continues to disrupt and shape the UK automotive industry.

  • Internet access & smart phone penetration
  • The digital forecourt & the end of ‘9 to 5 retailer’
  • The power of peer reviews
  • The opportunities & pitfalls of social media
    Consumer selling options: part exchange; online classifieds; friends & family; car buying services

A thorough overview of how the used vehicle market functions, the key players and some pointers to successful used vehicle retailing.

  • Overview of used vehicle market
  • Dealers: Independents, Supermarkets, Franchise
  • Private Consumers
  • Successful Retailing: Stock Profiling & Sourcing; Stock Turn; Pricing & Marketing

From where are dealers’ cars originally sourced, what is their typical profile and differences of vehicles arising from each source.

  • From manufacturers
  • From fleet, leasing & contract hire companies
  • From daily rental operators
  • Dealer part- exchanges and overage stock

A must-watch course dedicated to improving industry knowledge of Electric Vehicles & implications for the UK auto sector.

  • Forces driving rapid change to Electric Vehicles
  • Different types of Electric Vehicles & other AFVs
  • UK’s march towards carbon neutrality
  • Industry challenges in the transition to Electric Vehicles
  • Infrastructure required to support Electric Vehicles
  • How the transition affects all of us in the industry

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