Effective New Staff Onboarding

All of us share the aim of ensuring that the time-consuming and costly process of recruiting new talent is supported by a comprehensive and effective induction programme geared to success.

Research overwhelmingly highlights that when a new team member feels valued, settled and confident, their productivity curve kicks in much earlier. Understandably, much of a company’s internal induction programme focusses on what the company does and what the new starter’s role entails.

It’s not uncommon for buddying schemes and other ‘on the job’ training to be expected to provide the insight into the general business environment. However, what’s often seriously lacking with this approach is properly structured information, as to where the company fits into its specific sector, and importantly how the broader industry functions.

For many new starters, this lack of awareness and knowledge can impact their confidence and effectiveness, as many of the questions they may have, remain unanswered or unclear. How many of us would really want to venture into important conversations with colleagues or customers, when we know we don’t possess the knowledge to be credible?



The AutoSwot online learning programme is the perfect way to fill these industry knowledge gaps, helping to rapidly turn your new starters into highly informed and persuasive individuals.

Specially tailored, simple to digest, animated and narrated online courses now provide the building blocks on which anyone new to an automotive business or the industry can rely on for outstanding insight into this complex world. And the business benefit is easily apparent in the rising levels of confidence in new starters, achieved by the end of each course.

What’s more, each AutoSwot course has a short synopsis which is emailed to the individual team member once they have completed each course. These serve as a constant reminder of the key learning elements of each course, which they can refer back to, as and when they require.

Outcome? ... confident and credible new staff, all enhancing your company’s reputation!

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