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Perhaps the single greatest barrier faced by management in ensuring ongoing team learning and development is quite simply the pressure on everyone’s time and diaries. The major benefits of a good online learning programme are it’s ease of access and the huge amount of time saved, ensuring that it is more cost effective than traditional face-to-face, seminar-style training. Traditional training almost invariably requires attendees to travel extensively and has quite limited flexibility.

Recent research has highlighted a paradigm shift in the popularity of e-learning, with over 70% of managers in the automotive industry now preferring it to classroom training. The main reasons behind this are:

  • no out-of-office travel time to and from a training facility, plus the associated costs
  • minimal requirement for downtime or cover while the team member undergoes training
  • the ability to dip in and out of the learning process to suit a team member’s individual schedule and availability
  • team members having full control over their own learning and ability to work at their own pace
  • much higher rates of information retained through e-learning versus face to face training
  • trackable and more measurable individual output from e-training, through more frequent and effective personal assessments.



These are the main reasons why UK organisations are now moving to e-learning as a cornerstone of both their company’s new-starter induction programme, as well as existing team member development programmes.

At AutoSwot we have developed a suite of 11 online knowledge courses, covering the main elements of the automotive industry, that have each been broken down into a series of short animated videos, or ‘units’. At the end of each unit, each team member takes a multiple-choice quiz based on the content in the unit and results of each unit are available instantly. If required, consolidated reports can also be automatically sent to the company’s HR function for team member performance measurement.

Recognising the dynamic working environment of typical UK automotive businesses, Autoswot participants are able to dip in and out of the courses and our technical platform allows them to pick up on the training from wherever they left off. However, as each course takes no more than 30-45 minutes to complete, the best results are achieved when participants dedicate the time to completing an entire course in one session.


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