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It’s well known that ‘people buy from people’ - particularly from those who they respect and trust. In other words, customer-facing team members who sound credible, competent and knowledgeable generally perform at a much higher level across all functions, than those who do not. This is particularly true in the automotive world.

And whilst companies often provide well-intentioned and detailed new-starter induction programmes and refresher courses for existing staff, they very rarely focus on the broader operation of the automotive sector as a whole. So, by the end of these induction and familiarisation courses, whilst new starters and other team members may have a comprehensive understanding of what their company does and what their roles entail, rarely do such programmes include:

  • How and where does their company fit into the overall automotive industry?
  • What are the principle objectives and pain points that affect the customers they serve?
  • What is the size and scale of the sector or part of the industry in which they operate?
  • What are the other closely related sectors to their sector and how do they interact?
  • Who are the key players in the industry and where do the millions of vehicles that change hands throughout a typical year actually come from?
  • What are the anticipated natural market dynamics - the annual ebb and flow of the industry - that drives so much of the activity in which their company is involved?

These are important questions to answer, as they provide the basis for team members to develop confident, meaningful and empathetic conversations with their customers.

In doing so, these team members build not only their personal credibility, but also generate further credibility in their company’s brand: “The team at X company are really switched on and know what they are talking about!”

Hence the central proposition of AutoSwot is to build reputational credibility for both individuals and businesses. Our 11 courses provide all of the building blocks required to have meaningful and competent conversations with anyone that works in the industry.

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