Find out how AutoSwot enhances the confidence of both new starters and old hands to hold focused, credible conversations about all aspects of the UK auto industry.

AutoSwot courses are the building blocks on which to develop a deeper understanding of UK auto, at the same time as increasing the reputational credibility of your businesses brand.

Simply select the Benefits area of interest below, to understand how AutoSwot’s unique knowledge courses will support staff across your business.


Improve staff knowledge

Ensuring new staff have the necessary knowledge about the UK automotive industry to support discussions with suppliers and customers is a constant challenge. AutoSwot provides all the building blocks to a comprehensive understanding of the industry.


Build credibility

Customer-facing team members that sound credible, competent and knowledgeable perform at a much higher level across all functions, than those who do not. AutoSwot delivers automotive credibility to automotive professionals.


Effective staff onboarding

For new starters, lack of awareness and knowledge of the UK automotive industry impacts confidence and effectiveness, as many questions remain unanswered. AutoSwot should form a core element of automotive businesses induction programmes.


Promote Teamworking

One of the biggest challenges facing Automotive businesses is ensuring that teams work efficiently together. AutoSwot helps remove ‘silo’ thinking and promotes a thirst for knowledge and teamworking.


Increase staff retention

The automotive industry suffers from an employee attrition rate which is double the national average. The confidence and credibility that AutoSwot course provide transforms the retention landscape for any UK automotive business.


Cost efficiency & effectiveness

Traditional training invariably requires travel and has limited flexibility. Available through desktop, mobile or tablet, AutoSwot’s suite of online knowledge courses saves both time and money.

Improve your knowledge with AutoSwot

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